Rihanna says her leaked nudes are HOT

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Rihanna leaked nude pics

Rihanna thinks that leaked photos of her self-shooting naked were hot, she revealed on a recent radio interview. But she also stated that hot nudes were “the worst thing that could possibly happen” to her. Is it just me or there isn’t really any connection to the two incoherent comments about her nude scandal?

Rihanna leaked nude pics

I don’t get it. If Rihanna thinks she looked hot in those nudes then she should’ve been proud of them. It took her a matter of months to discuss it and now she’s saying all sorts of crap, well except when she said that the pics were fucking hot. But I have to say they’re the best thing that happened since she started her career! She’d always tease us with her sexy moves and her almost nakedness, but she’d never gone all the way. Well, until Chris Brown happened.

Rihanna leaked nude pics

Maybe she’s just too shy to spill that she’s also a pervert like us all. Even she, herself, gets turned on by her own naked pics; she must be horny everytime she looks at herself at the mirror.

Anyway, check out the rest of the pics here and see more of the raunchy side of Rihanna!


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