Makosi Musambasi exposes her mammaries

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Makosi Musambasi

Part of the fun in following these reality stars whore up on television is to continue the voyeurism after their shows have ended. Often, having the paparazzi trail their pussies gives us plenty of things to jack off to, especially when they’re following sluts like Makosi Musambasi from Britain’s version of Big Brother.

Makosi Musambasi

To anybody following her show, Makosi was known for staging dramatic scenes with the housemates. She was received badly by fans of the show, but which didn’t stop her from keeping her titties relevant. These paparazzi shots of Makosi Musambasi sunbathing nude are proof that her huge jugs are doing their job of staying afloat. I’m not sure though, why the bitch is sunning herself out. Being black, you really can’t get anything from tanning your tits other than having a few jerkoffs rub one out behind a rock at your expense. Then again, that’s what we’re all doing with these pictures, huh?

Makosi Musambasi

It would be a shame if Makosi lost touch with the public, because those tits of hers are a great gift from the producers of Big Brother. They make our hunt for big, erect titties an easy job, and a virtual tittyfuck an even easier feat to accomplish.

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